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Dan Olszewski

Guitar, Piano

  As a teacher, Daniel has always focused on bringing the merits of his classical background to work with diverse students with broad musical interests. Never taking to the technical challenges of music performance as easily as a child prodigy, Daniel feels in touch with the difficult early stages of guitar playing and aspires to transform all of his students into confident music makers. Daniel’s path to artistry began on the electric guitar, teaching himself favorite tunes from favorite bands such as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. What began as a creative outlet in his teenage years soon would turn into a lifelong passion for music making. Daniel discovered the Shearer Method to the Classical Guitar and attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Always trying to be a diverse learner, Daniel earned a Bachelor’s in Music Technology with an emphasis on Sound Recording. From that diverse background Daniel chose to tighten his focus as a performer and went on to study with Christopher Berg and receive a Master’s in Music Performance at the University of South Carolina.


  The path to be a great musician has not been without its difficulties. While training for an intense recital program Daniel began to experience severe tendonitis symptoms. After months of treatments to no avail he turned to the Alexander Technique and discovered the answer to his problems and a new path for his career. Currently Daniel is fulfilling the calling of a new passion by pursuing an Alexander Technique Teacher Certification at Alexander Technique Denver (ATDen) and bolstering his studies as a teacher and Classical Guitarist by earning a Performance Certificate with Dr. Jonathan Leathwood at the University of Denver.