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Formal Recitals Spring 2017

Tuesday, May 23rd - 5:00p to 6:15p and 6:15pm to 7:30pm

Wednesday, May 24th - 5:00p to 6:15p and 6:15p to 7:30p

Thursday, May 25th - 5:00p to 6:15p and 6:15p to 7:30p 

Lone Tree Arts Center - 10075 Commons Street, Lone Tree - Event Hall

Formal Recitals Spring 2017

  These recitals are designed to strengthen and develop the more intermediate/advanced students' performing abilities in a formal, semi-professional environment.  Ensemble numbers (duets, trios, etc.) will be introduced/encouraged at this level, and teacher approval MUST be given prior to signing up!

Tickets are available for purchase!

This is the mid-tier recital performance which will be held at Lone Tree Arts Center at 10075 Commons St. Lone Tree, CO.  The entirety of the performance will take place in the Event Hall.  Please remember that a sign-up is REQUIRED for performance in this recital, and signing up REQUIRES teacher approval (THE SIGN-UP SHEETS ARE HUNG AT AVANTI).  Tickets will also be available on the night-of, via the Box Office on-site at Lone Tree Arts Center.  You will NOT need to buy multiple tickets if you wish to stay for another recital on the same night as you/your child.

10075 Commons St. in Lone Tree