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Welcome to Avanti Music Academy


“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche



As we must all be dynamic about the changes our society is temporarily facing, we will continue to provide normalcy as much as possible. Please continue to review emails that we send, and this area of the home page for any and all future updates.

  • We are now offering SOME IN-PERSON options. Masks are required for all lessons. Please note in-person availability may be limited.
  • We will continue to accept new students, and offer free (online and in person) trial lessons
  • The waiting area will be closed.
  • All Online lessons will remain at their normal time, day, and with the same teacher
  • All online lessons provided will be via Zoom, unless otherwise needed.
  • If you do not know your teachers’ online contact info, please contact us.

What makes us the best music school in the area?

All of our teachers hold a degree in music from an accredited 4-year University. They all participate in varying performances throughout each year not only here in state, but nationally and internationally as well. Their availability and their personalities come in a broad scope and better allow Avanti Music Academy to suit each students based on their needs. We focus on private, one-on-one lesson environments to ensure maximum growth and retention through a conservatory level approach but we also offer semi-private. We take pride in our ability and willingness to teach any and all styles of music. We work hard to bring many unique local, national, and international performance opportunities and programs to our student body


Studio Recital: These recitals are designed to introduce performing to the beginning/inexperienced student in a personal, comfortable, and supportive environment.  However, they are open to any level of student who wants to gain some performance experience in a less formal setting.  These are put on for individual teacher’s student bodies.

Solo Showcase: Our solo showcase recitals are designed to strengthen and develop the our students’ performing abilities in a formal, semi-professional environment at Parker Performing Arts on the Main Theatre Stage.  Ensemble numbers (duets, trios, etc.) will be introduced/encouraged at this level as well. Teacher approval must be given to participate.

Premier Showcase: These concerts are designed to showcase and further develop the more experienced, intermediate/advanced students’ performing abilities in a full theater, highly-professional setting. Ensemble numbers ranging in all genres from classical and instrumental, to Jazz, rock, and pop, are the focus of this performance. This is an audition-only performance at Parker Performing Arts on the main theater stage.

Believe NYC

A New York City based program whose proceeds go 100% toward autism research. Students audition to be in a group that travels to New York City to perform on the stage of the Gershwin Theater. They will also receive invaluable coaching and training from working Broadway singers and actors to refine their group number to perform on stage. The trip also includes tourism opportunities in the world’s largest city, and wraps up with a viewing of “Wicked” on Broadway and a trip to see many sight in NYC.

Jam Session

On the second Saturday evening of each month, Avanti is transformed into a small, laid back venue for students to come and play or sing anything they wish! Teachers and other students will join in for these performances and it is a great opportunity to collaborate with other intermediate/advanced musicians. ANY friends, families, and peers are always welcome! Food and drinks are served. This is more relaxed setting for our students to become more comfortable with performing. The event is always free for Avanti students.

Performance and Masterclasses

Our Performance/Masterclass Program sets us apart and adds that extra educational experience that parents and students look forward to and love. These are put on once per semester for each instrument group. During the Masterclass, the students perform an excerpt from a piece they are currently working on for an audience of peers, parents, and instructors. This is a fantastic chance for them to see how the student is developing musically and also to get feedback from teachers the student doesn’t get an opportunity to work with otherwise. These focus on one instrument at a time, and sometimes feature Master guests!

Our Students

Our commitment policy has set a strong foundation for our students. When they sign on to take lessons with us, they are signing on for the rewards and the challenges of learning music. Our teachers are invested in the success of their students and will do everything to support and encourage them through music’s sometimes difficult learning curve. Students will be given many opportunities to perform in Jam Sessions, local events, and a multi-tiered Recital Program that showcases the power of LIVE music, played by trained professionals with the students on the Main Theater Stage at Parker Performance Arts!!