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Amra Tomsic

Amra Tomsic

Voice, Owner 

Amra Tomsic, M.M. found his passion for music through a single teacher in school. It was then that he realized the impact it would have on his life, and it was then that he knew the importance of teaching. At that point he was in high school. From there, he started to pursue his caring for children through sociology. After a year at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado he had studied piano, education, and voice, and even focused on Sociology. He took his education to the next level when he decided to audition as a Tenor and was granted a full scholarship to The Lamont School of Music at The University of Denver. Amra moved to the city and continued his studies in music immediately.

His focus was on classical voice, which afforded him multiple unique performance, directorial, and international opportunities. Before obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Music in 2010, he had already performed as “Don Jose” in George Bizet’s Carmen, “Ernesto” in Don Pasquale, and performed in Italy as “Rodolfo” in La Boheme. During his graduate classes he musically co-directed “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Into The Woods”. He traveled to Italy every year and helped operations with The International Lyrica Opera, focusing on Italian-English interrelations, and performed again as “Tamino” in The Magic Flute. Amra completed his Master’s Degree in Music in 2012.

He continued his focus on music into his career with Avanti Music Academy, LLC. Here he has been able to pass his education on to hundreds of other students in all age ranges, employ dozens of teachers with an array of musical talents, and has sustained a successfully growing small business for years. His passions for music and professionalism have taken Avanti to the next level of continued growth and success.