Guitar Lessons

Acoustic, Electric, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bass

Guitar lessons through Avanti are structured to give students of any age confidence and a love of many genres of music. Strum to your own rhythm and choose from a wide array of styles from rock, pop, classical, blues, heavy metal, flamenco/Spanish, blues, and more. Depending on your preferences and learning personality, guitar lessons can be private and semi-private with teachers who listen and adjust to your needs.

Avanti guitar teachers want to inspire fun and offer group jam sessions surrounded by your peers who may just show you something new! Through individual learning in private lessons in conjunction with ensembles, group jam sessions, and public performance opportunities, students receive a holistic approach to guitar that motivates at-home practice and hones skills. Just call or email us if you have questions like the below about guitar lessons and we would be happy to tell you more!

• What age is appropriate to start guitar lessons?

The beauty of this family of string instruments is that age isn’t a limitation. Younger students can easily hold the ukulele and learn simple chords. In this way, we are able to create a passion for music and nurture talent early on. If you’ve tried to pick up a guitar as a teen or adult without success, our teachers have the experience and patience to help you get over hurdles and relearn proper techniques.

• What types of guitar instruction does Avanti offer?

Our teachers specialize in lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin. Guitar music styles we teach include rock, pop, classical, blues, heavy metal, flamenco/Spanish, blues, and more. Avanti guitar teachers will show you how to pick the correct guitar for your skill level and genre preference.

• Where does Avanti provide guitar lessons?

Come join us at the academy in our studios located in Highlands Ranch, conveniently positioned to also serve the Centennial and Littleton communities of Denver. Private studio spaces and larger studio rooms for group guitar make a comfortable and inviting environment for learning.

• Avanti Guitar Teachers

Our guitar teachers all hold degrees in music and live to share their musical passion with students. We are proud to have such highly talented, dedicated teachers with professional successes, such as induction into the National Music Honor Society, original music featured in the Colorado Composer Concert, 2020 Elizabeth A. H. Green School Educator Award, and many other accolades.