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Jenny Wood

Jenny Wood

Strings, Piano, Bass, Harp, Music Director of Youth Orchestra

Jennifer Wood has had a passion of teaching Strings from the age of 10. Growing up in Crown Point, Indiana, the String Program was rich and provided Jennifer a place to feel free to be herself and grow in a community. She recognized early that her participation helped her feel safe to learn and take risks in a safe environment.

The joy she found in studying music convinced her that she wanted to share and develop the joy so that others, of any age, can find joy in their own life and experience.She began giving back and helping her string teachers by volunteering her time to help the younger students as much as she could. The numerous opportunities her teachers allowed her to help only fed the fire Jennifer felt for connecting with people through learning to play instruments.

The musical environment she grew into allowed her the confidence to audition for youth ensembles in the area and she found another home in Northwest Indiana Youth Orchestra. Working with peers from other schools was an exciting opportunity to learn challenging standard orchestral repertoire and prepared her for competition at the collegiate level. A new joy to be challenged opened the drive and appreciation for youth symphonies. Lincoln Nebraska is unique as the only public school system that completely funds the Lincoln Youth Symphony. In 2017, the ensemble celebrated their 60th season. As the proud Strings Coach for LYS, Miss Wood was able to run sectionals, help students individually, and travel.

Joining the Avanti family, Jennifer is excited to work with students 1 on 1 during private lessons. Her mission is to help students develop self through music education. She believes that music is a life-long study and allows us to connect with others in an intimate, universal, mysterious way. As her favorite composer, Ludwig Von Beethoven said, “music is a higher revelation than philosophy.”