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Online Music Lessons

Join us at Avanti Music Academy studio in private online music lessons, where we nurture the love of music and performing arts through our personalized approach to teaching.

With more us staying at home, Avanti Music Academy is now offering one- on-one online instruction. We feature the same instruction and approach online as we do in-person. Through our expertise and experience, we know what instruction students need for online classes. We have several cameras setup in our online classroom so our students can follow their teacher’s every aspect; hands, posture, and face.  Our instructors will play the instruments with your child, work with them to improve and outline next steps for them to practice. As always, the first lesson is free!  Please call us for more detail.

Our online music lessons are also flexible during the day and can start earlier to meet your schedule. We use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime to conduct our online lessons. If you have never used these or need help setting them up, please let us know and we can help get your ready.

We offer online music lessons for almost every instrument. If you don’t have your instrument at home, just contact us as we have different options to make that happen.

Learn more and schedule your free trial class or call us today!