Piano Lessons

Classical, Jazz, Pop

As one of the most adaptable instruments in the world, the piano is highly sought-after for not only prestigious classical stage performances, but most often for the pure musical pleasure it brings. The piano is a perfect instrument for a wide range of genres no matter your preference. Avanti piano teachers are masters in classical, contemporary, pop, rock, jazz, and many other musical styles.

We aim to provide our piano students with a strong foundation in music theory to continually build upon their skills and perfect each technique. We believe piano shouldn’t be held to rigid standards, but foster a sense of fun with the right studio and teachers to guide you. Avanti Music Academy is just a phone call or email away to help with your questions like the most common below!

  • When can I start piano lessons?

Avanti encourages taking on piano from ages as young as 5 years old and up. Finger strength and dexterity are important abilities needed to play and reach the range of piano keys. However, if you have a child who is eager to begin lessons earlier, Avanti will customize the learning process to fit your needs. Children best learn through play for any subject matter and we apply this principle to early piano learning.

If you’re an adult looking to finally achieve your dream of playing piano, our teachers welcome you to start no-pressure lessons with us. Avanti teachers are highly skilled instructors who give students the patience, one-on-one attention, and specific techniques appropriate to the student’s age to organically grow their talents.

  • How do students begin learning?

The fundamentals of piano include music theory, sight-reading, note recognition by ear training, and correct meter and timing. Piano exercises as games help younger students memorize notes and learn rhythm avoiding frustration.

  • How often do you recommend taking piano lessons?

We recommend weekly lessons at a minimum to maximize retention and expertise through consecutive repetition and progressively improving technique levels. Lesson frequency also depends on the student’s long-term goals whether it be for the fun of playing or gaining acceptance to higher-level professional schools.

  • Do I need to have a piano at home?

We recommend having a piano or keyboard at home so students can practice as much as possible in conjunction with lessons. Avanti teachers help you choose the right piano to match your budget and may also have access to gently used instruments. We review those options with each new student to set them up for success.

  • Where does Avanti provide piano lessons?

Come join us at the academy in our piano studios located in Highlands Ranch, conveniently positioned to also serve the Centennial and Littleton communities of Denver. Each studio is well-equipped with upright pianos or electric keyboards.