Rules and Policies

There are no refunds for missed classes as a result of vacations, student illness, and/or bad weather (though we will ALWAYS do our best to work with you in these instances). Keep in mind that withdrawal from the program prior to the completion of the semester (21 weeks from your start date) will also not be issued refunds. The credit of class tuition will be applied to your account if a class is canceled due to the teacher’s absence if the teacher does not provide a reschedule. It is always important to keep direct communication with your teacher for any occurrences.

A parent or guardian is encouraged to stay on Avanti Music Academy private property if the lesson is during hours where there is only one teacher or staff member on the premises. If the parent chooses to leave the premises Avanti Music Academy will not be held responsible.

If you decide to terminate your contract early, your account will continue to be charged your tuition until the end of your 22-week commitment. If you choose the Pay in Full option you will not receive a refund for early termination.

Avanti Music Academy requires a credit card on file regardless of the payment plan for all student accounts. This information can not be viewed by anyone. Changed to credit card information can be made at any time the student or family requires it.

Photo release policy –
From time to time, and especially during events, Avanti Music Academy may photograph or record videos of the student or student’s performance. These pictures and/or videos may be posted online, on our website, or on YouTube for viewing. In addition, they may be used on promotional materials from time to time. On occasion, they may be posted on our Facebook and/or Twitter page. By agreeing to a contract with Avanti Music Academy, you accept this as part of our terms. However, you have the option to opt-out of this as well. If this is the case please tell us in the notes and we will ensure that no photos or videos of you are utilized, as well as do our best not to capture you in any shots. Please understand that background crowds and families may inadvertently be captured in recordings and shots.