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Develop your own unique sound, reach a new height in your vocal range, and find the confidence and welcoming community you’ve longed for through Avanti’s seasoned voice teachers. We aim to help you find the joy of expressing yourself with your pitch perfect voice through customized voice lessons. Whether you’re a school age or adult student, we will challenge you to learn new vocal techniques and have a blast doing it! 

Why is Avanti the area’s premier academy for voice lessons?
Founded by Amra Tomsic, Avanti Music Academy has the leadership of a heavily involved voice expert within his community of Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Centennial in Denver. Amra has coached countless musicians and singers for over 15 years to hone their professional careers into national recording success. He also has had the pleasure of furthering the academic study of vocal health as a key industry expert for the University of Colorado. Using Avanti’s specialized techniques, singers learn how to carefully train their voices using proven coaching exercises to maintain peak vocal cord strength.

How are my voice lessons structured?
As an Avanti voice student, you will learn how to best understand your own voice and its unique qualities to stand out as a performer. Lessons will be tailored specifically to develop voice qualities that come naturally to you. Whatever your personal vocal aspiration may be, we will help you achieve it.

What will I learn from Avanti voice teachers?
We always start with fundamentals and continually progress to expand your vocal abilities. Our goal as your vocal coach is to give you the freedom to choose your favorite genre of music, and also arm you with an array of skills for any type of singing. Avanti teachers give students a solid music theory background and focus on techniques to refine tone, pitch, clarity, projection, voice control, and optimal breathing skills. You will learn healthy ways to sing while maximizing your vocal range. As a true testament to your voice lesson achievements, students will have the opportunity to practice with peers through jam sessions and shine in public performances with live bands. 

What genres of music are taught at Avanti?
Avanti voice teachers teach a variety of musical genres. All of our instructors are classically trained and teach from this very strong foundation. Students will also be inspired and encouraged to study and master unfamiliar styles. We teach a variety of musical genres, though most of our voice studio centers on modern pop production and musical theater, we also offer instruction in classical voice .

Avanti Voice Teachers
Use your voice to find a creative outlet with Avanti’s voice teaching staff. We teach a variety of musical genres, though most of our voice studio centers on modern pop production and musical theater, we also offer instruction in classical voice. Our voice teachers are all university-trained professionals who have studied extensively in vocal pedagogy and music education. They have performed internationally in a broad scope of genres from opera, jazz, contemporary and pop, rock, and more. 

We have specialized instruction tailored to different age groups and learning styles. Please call us Inquire about Free Trial